Stagecoach South East

Last updated: 2/6/2021



Route prefix is ek for most routes, however where route numbers are duplicated the following prefixes may appy :-

ekc = Canterbury
eke = Eastbourne
ekf = Folkestone
ekh = Hastings


Stagecoach South East employs branding on some of their routes. The brand applied to a vehicle will be shown by a letter next to the fleet number. Generic (non branded) buses just display without a brand letter. Current brands are :-

b = Breeze
c = Canterbury Park & Ride
d = Distance
g = Gold
l = Local Liv
o = Loop
s = Specialist
t = Triangle
w = Wave

Short Codes

short codes that list Stagecoach South East vehicles are :-

zcashAshford Intl Railway Station
zccnbCanterbury Bus Station
zcmarMargate, St Johns Church Southbound