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Reading Buses

Last updated: 14/8/2021



Reading Buses covers the fleets of Reading Buses, Newbury and District & Courtney Coaches.

Routes prefixes are rb for Reading buses, k for Newbury and District and ct for Courtney.



Reading buses employs branding on most of its routes. The brand applied to a vehicle will be shown by a letter next to the fleet number. Generic (non branded) buses just display without a brand letter. Current brands are :-

b = blue (Park&Ride)
c = Caversham (Pink/Berry/Red routes 22/3/4)
d = Maidenhead
e = Emerald
f = fawn (Lion & Leopard)
g = Green (Greenwave)
h = Henley
i = Tiger
j = Jet Black
k = Ruby
l = Lime Green
m = Claret (Maroon)
n = Newbury & District
o = Orange
p = Purple
r = Royal Blue
s = Sky Blue
t = Thames Valley
u = Buzz
v = Vodafone
w = Wokingham
x = Express
y = Yellow
z = bronze
C = Chineham Park Shuttle

short codes specific for Reading are :-

ZC St Marys Butts
ZD Market Place/Forbury Gardens
ZE Reading Station
ZF Outside Slough Bus Station by crossroads