Transdev including Lancashire United, Harrogate & District, Keighley & District, Rochdale, Yorkshire Coastliner, Team Pennine & York

Last updated: 28/7/2021


Route Prefix

Routes prefix are ty and tl for routes in Yorkshire and Lancashire respectively.



Transdev employs branding on a few of its routes. The brand applied to a vehicle will be shown by a letter next to the fleet number. Generic (non branded) buses just display without a brand letter. Current brands are :-

a = Aireline
b = Burnley Bus Company
c = Coastliner
d = Dalesway
e = Harrogate Electrics
f = Service 464
h = Harrogate Bus Company
i = Irwell Line
j = Keighley Jets
k = Keighley Bus Company
l = Lancashire United
m = MyBus Metro
o = Otley Dash
p = Pride of the North
r = Rosso
s = The Shuttle
t = Trax
u = UrbanCool
v = Valleyline
w = Witchway
x = Red Express
y = Yellow School Bus
z = Cityzap
B = Blackburn Bus Company
C = City Sightseeing
F = Flyer
H = Hotline
M = Mainline
P = Pendle Whizz
R = Ribble County
S = Silver
T = Team Pennine
W = Wharfedale Links
Y = York & County
Z = The Zone

short codes specific for Arriva North East are :-