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First West of England

Last updated: 18/4/2021



Routes prefix is we, although due to duplicated route numbers some routes in Bristol have the route prefix wec and others may have wek



First West of England employs branding on some of its routes. The brand applied to a vehicle will be shown by a letter next to the fleet number. Generic (non branded) buses just display without a brand letter. Current brands are :-

a = Aquae X39
b = Bath City
c = Coaster
d = Discover
e = Excel
f = Airport Flyer
g = Green, Portway P&R
h = Dark Red, Citylines East
i = Lime Green, Cityline 24
j = Sea Blue, Cityline 5
k = Brislington P&R
l = Light Blue, Bristol 48/48A/49/49A
m = Mendip Explorer
n = Bath Unibus
o = Portway P&R
p = Pink, Bristol 70/71
q = Green, Citylines 73
r = Red Front, South Bristol
s = South Glos Lynx
t = Metrobus
u = Bristol Unibus
v = Citylines 3/4
w = Badgerline, Weston Super Mare
x = Steel Link
y = Yellow, Bristol 1/2
z = Bristol 8 (Zoo)
B = Citylines Blue

short codes specific for First West of England are :-