Wellglade Group

Last updated: 22/5/2021


Route Prefix

Routes prefixes are kb for Kinchbus, nd for Notts & Derby, tb for Trent Barton and tm for TM Travel



The Wellglade Group employs branding on some of its routes. The brand applied to a vehicle will be shown by a letter next to the fleet number. Generic (non branded) buses just display without a brand letter. Current brands are :-

a = The allestree
c = Connect
d = Notts & Derby
f = i4
g = Mango
h = Hugo
i = The Mickleover
k = Kinchbus
m = Mainline
n = The Nines
o = The Cotgrave
p = Sprint
r = Red Arrow
s = Skylink
t = TM Travel
u = Notts & Derby Unibus
v = The Villager
w = The Two
x = The Sixes
y = Royal Derby
z = ZigZag
A = Amberline
C = The Calverton
F = Spondon Flyer
H = Harlequin
I = Indigo
K = Ilkeston Flyer
M = My15
R = Rainbow One
S = Nottingham Skylink
T = The Threes
V = Rushcliffe Villager

short codes specific for The Wellglade Group are :-